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Jo Stafford / Broadway Revisited

Jo Stafford / Broadway Revisited

 Singers of popular songs have always been deeply indebted to the Broadway stage for much of their material. In a compilation of America's top standards, the songs of Broadway shows crowd the list, and our country's singers and band leaders have always been aware of this fact.

Conversely (and the composers and lyricists must be exempted) the people of Broadway have often been slow to realize the extent to which America's pop singers have popularized their songs and thereby their shows.

Time after time a show would open, the pop singers would record the songs and perform them on radio and later on television, and the songs would become hits before the impact of the show was ever felt. And sometimes a show that only lasted three weeks would give birth to a song like "ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE."

Of course a hit song could not prolong the life of an unsuccessful show, but the availability of pop singers and their radio and television shows, plus their recordings often had a measurable effect on Broadway.

Three of the songs included come from Jo Stafford's LP album JO + Broadway, and she is assisted by THE NORMAN LUBOFF CHOIR, the STARLIGHTERS and PAUL WESTON'S ORCHESTRA in the presentation of this outstanding Broadway material.
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    My Romance
    Something To Remember You By
    It Never Entered My Mind
    They Say It's Wonderful
    I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
    Make The Man Love Me
    Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe
    Dancing In The Dark
    September Song
    Spring Is Here
    If I Were A Bell
    Mountain High, Valley Low
    How High The Moon
    I'm Your Girl
    Night And Day
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